Gardening Gardening


When I was younger, I hated when Mum would ask me to help her weed. Um no.

NOW, I have a yard. And I live in a state that doesn’t have red clay for dirt…it has actual dirt. And just like we always fear, those things we hated when we were younger now seem lovely. And relaxing. And I spent 4 hours weeding on Sunday, getting my garden area ready for some Spring Magic. The tenants before us had GINORMOUS sunflower plants that were super fun. They clearly also planted a few Hyacinth and Tulips (which I’m sure are currently dying in the April snowstorm we’re having. Tear.). But there’s still so much space to plan whatever I want so I’m going to go all out…but I’m not going to spoil the excitement now. In a few months, I’ll share my success. Hopefully.

Happy Snow Day!

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Lulie Wallace


I love hearing about Southern talent making it big. And one of my favorite Charleston artists, Miss Lulie Wallace, just posted on her instagram that she met with Anthropologie Corporate, which I’m hoping means a magical collaboration very soon! I wish I knew her, but my Mum is the one lucky enough to have met her (hopefully buying me a little present!). I just can’t stop staring and loving and dreaming about her work. So lovely and bright on this snowy day.

Flowers for Jacquelyn // Flowers for Gayle
Flowers for Cathryn // Flowers for Laura Lea
Flowers for Nell // Flowers for Layla // Flowers for Samantha

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On a quest…

1. Valentino 2. J.Crew 3. Go Jane

My roommate and I recently discovered my shoe collection is rather, er, utilitarian. I have great staples: riding boots, cowboy boots, black flats, white converse, some neutral heels and gold glitter TOMS – an obvious wardrobe staple. But that’s it. Nothing too jazzy. It’s sad really.

The truth is, I don’t like walking around in skyhigh heels. I prefer comfort, practicality. If they have whistles and bells, awesome. But I realize I need to step up my game. Let’s start with baby steps. I currently wear my, classic, soft LL Bean Leather loafers when I ride my one true love, my Gary Fisher Simple City bike, to work…

But I love the idea of feeling extra feminine while cruising. So perhaps one of these?

And seriously. Best. Bike. Ever.

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