On a quest…

1. Valentino 2. J.Crew 3. Go Jane

My roommate and I recently discovered my shoe collection is rather, er, utilitarian. I have great staples: riding boots, cowboy boots, black flats, white converse, some neutral heels and gold glitter TOMS – an obvious wardrobe staple. But that’s it. Nothing too jazzy. It’s sad really.

The truth is, I don’t like walking around in skyhigh heels. I prefer comfort, practicality. If they have whistles and bells, awesome. But I realize I need to step up my game. Let’s start with baby steps. I currently wear my, classic, soft LL Bean Leather loafers when I ride my one true love, my Gary Fisher Simple City bike, to work…

But I love the idea of feeling extra feminine while cruising. So perhaps one of these?

And seriously. Best. Bike. Ever.


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